Cinephil San Marino is an Audio-visual center that covers all stages for feature films productions and advertising films.

Cinephil is located in the heart of the oldest republic in the world: San Marino.

Cinephil ’s attractive features are the experience coming from a trio who has worked in more than 100 feature films and tens of adverting films, having worked with great directors such as Jean Pierre Jeunet, Christophe Grans, Roman Polanski, Jaco Van Dermal and Juan Solanas.

Cinephil is firmly turned towards the image technics of the future.

Cinephil can become your delegate partner to get benefit from a government policy of cinema that offers unique financial and tax benefit in Europe.     get-acrobat-reader (Law Download)

The association of its guidelines and its human trio offers you the right artistic choice at a fair production price.


CINEPHIL ® San Marino has made in 2012 the 90-minute documentary film, with collaboration by the White Blue Train Association and directed by Philippe Macina.

The film retraces the highlights of the White Blue Train, rail defined unforgettable, which connected the  Republic of San Marino to the Adriatic Coast.

On December 3rd 1928 with the laying of the first stone work began for the electric railway of San Marino – Rimini.
3000 employees took place to the construction (in three work shifts of 1000 employees each), 17 tunnels were built, three bridges, three viaducts, one overpass and one underpass, all in the territory of San Marino.

An extraordinary tour into the memory of one of the most exciting and popular history of San Marino.

Presented to “Marché du Film” – Festival de Cannes (2013)


CINEPHIL ® San Marino offers his first film making.

The Avenue of the Roses tells the story of when the Jewish hided and were protected in the Republic of San Marino during World War Two under a Fascist Government and German control.

Based on the book by Giuseppe Marzi.

Presented to “Marché du Film” – Festival de Cannes (2013)


CINEPHIL ® San Marino offers its new film production.

The Founded Flag tells the story of true events during World War One in Italy; history of Red Cross volunteers from San Marino on the front line; a hospital were real values and brotherhood in front of death stood up for their country under the flag that waved at the entrance of the building.

This flag was today found.